The 50th Anniversary Hip Hop Festival

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A Celebration from Ixtapa to the World

It has already been half a century since the cultural revolution of Hip Hop began in the Bronx, New York City, United States. In this neighborhood, predominantly inhabited by Afro-American populations from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica, the rebellious culture of Hip Hop was born amidst injustice, marginalization, and discrimination.

Hip Hop is an artistic movement that is divided into what is known as its four elements: MCing or Rapping (MC stands for Master of Ceremonies, which refers to the action of rapping), Breakdancing or B-boying (the dance style of breakdancing), DJing (DJ stands for Disk Jockey, which refers to the action of selecting and playing music), and finally, Graffiti (the well-known form of pictorial artistic protest, an urban art typically done with spray paint). These four components make up the Hip Hop culture.

After 50 years of history, Hip Hop Culture has become a global phenomenon, reigning as the pinnacle of Popular Art for over a decade worldwide. Not only has its music influenced most works in the Pop Music genre, but also in the realm of dance, the DJ competitions have sparked a tremendous revolution that has marked a profound change in its development. For example, we can appreciate the work of improvisational rappers who use their immense talent to create works of art in the moment. But pictorial art doesn't lag behind either, as Graffiti, as an expression of protest, accompanies music and dance to complement an entire artistic culture that has changed the world.

On Friday, October 6th, from 3 pm to 9 pm, at the parking area of the Ixtapa Municipal Market in Puerto Vallarta, the 50th-anniversary Hip Hop Festival will take place, featuring Rappers, DJs, Graffiti Artists, and B-Boys. With the presence of H-Torrez, Mds Crew, Pioner, Omega & Dexter, Lc rap Crew, Roket Onek, Lirick G, Carto rifa, Muletras, and Fantasmas de la letra, fun and the true Hip Hop celebration are guaranteed.

Through "Un Mundo Nuevo Es Posible AC," Inver Music, various exhibitors, sponsors, and the Head of Municipal Markets of Puerto Vallarta, the organization of this grand event has been carried out, which will undoubtedly have the best hosts, the local vendors of the Ixtapa Municipal Market, as they also join this global celebration to pay tribute to a transformative culture.