Korean Culture In Puerto Vallarta.

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"Kpop Random Dance Vol 5."

Saturday afternoon, the most anticipated event for the "K-Poppers" community takes center stage at Caracol Plaza. Dozens of stalls selling items related to the theme, such as clothing, notebooks, photos of famous artists, costumes, toys, dolls, accessories, bags, tattoos, jewelry, and all kinds of souvenirs, transformed the "Fuente de Piedra" area into a bustling hub.

The dance competition, the essence of Kpop culture, and the screening of popular videos among children and young teenagers make this occasion a significant cultural experience. Sergio Sánchez, a member of the event's staff, explains that Kpop is the popular music genre in Korea and has gained global popularity. What sets Kpop apart is its choreography. Fans strive to replicate dance routines from music videos, and it becomes a challenge for children and young people who compete to give the best imitation of their favorite artists.

The Kpop Random Dance competition provides an opportunity for participants to showcase the best choreographies they practice daily. On this occasion, they had a chance to win cash prizes, in-kind awards, and sponsorships from services provided by the businesses at Plaza Caracol, supporting the entertainment project.

This event is typically held twice a year and always draws a large crowd, thanks to the worldwide popularity of Korean culture. K-POP has skillfully incorporated influences from hip-hop, dancehall, modern dance, and jazz into its domain. In fact, many of the dance moves are reminiscent of martial arts. It's evident that choreography is of paramount importance, leaving no room for improvisation.

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