Dance Competition At Plaza Caracol.

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"Dance Up Battles 2023"

This weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, we had the opportunity to witness an Urban Dance competition held at Plaza Caracol in Puerto Vallarta. Various local dancers showcased their talent and joy as they competed against each other in an atmosphere filled with excitement and skill.

The organizers of this event were Ana Vázquez, Andric Cuitláhuac García Infante, and Jafet Miranda from the Puerto Vallarta Dancers Association, in coordination with the Municipal Youth Assistance Institute (IMAJ).

Prior to the competition, a series of five intensive workshops were conducted at "Mía Dance Studio," where both national and international instructors shared their expertise.

The Dance Battles that took place at the aforementioned plaza featured one-on-one and two-on-two matchups. There was a panel of judges consisting of the instructors who conducted the workshops, and an enthusiastic audience that wholeheartedly supported the dancers in their battles. The winners were Francisco from Vallarta and Lucas from San Luis Potosi, who walked away with prizes totaling more than $8000. They faced tough competition, as the dance floor was filled with talent on that Sunday afternoon.

Dance is more than a collection of well-rehearsed and coordinated movements; it is more than mastering a rhythmic sequence of defined steps. Dance is the expression of the soul translated into motion. Urban Dance, in particular, represents the struggle for social equality, a form of protest, and the conquest of spaces for youth expression. That is why it brings immense joy to see young people setting an example of continuous social activism through such a powerful artistic expression as Urban Dance.

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