Hotel Occupancy Rises In Puerto Vallarta.

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The High Season Begins.

Every year in Puerto Vallarta, there is a tourism phenomenon known as the low season, a period during which the local economy faces difficulties, leaving hundreds of Vallartans without work. Therefore, it is of great joy that the occupancy levels are on the rise, as it brings with it happiness, prosperity, economic growth, entrepreneurial opportunities, and real estate development.

With occupancy rates ranging between 85 and 95 percent, the desire to visit this beautiful port is ignited not only due to the celebration of "Halloween" but also the Mexican Day of the Dead. Additionally, the month of November will see various events that will attract tourists, such as:

Gourmet Festival

Open Water Swimming Competition

Day of the Dead

Fishing Tournament

Christmas Lighting Ceremony

Tallest Catrina Contest, among others.

Christian Preciado Cázares, the Secretary of Tourism and Economic Development in Puerto Vallarta, mentioned that hoteliers are anticipating a significant surge in reservations. This, in turn, is likely to substantially boost the local economy. He assured that Puerto Vallarta is in excellent conditions to welcome tourists who originally intended to visit Acapulco but were compelled to change their destination due to unfortunate environmental incidents.

Therefore, starting today, a high season begins, eagerly awaited as it brings with it the economic stability that everyone needs.