30 Years Of Jazz, Warmth, And Friendship.

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Cuates y Cuetes leaving a mark since 1993.

A genuinely Mexican, laid-back atmosphere filled with camaraderie, traditions, jazz music, and other genres, all framed by magnificent sunsets, is part of the magic that makes it unique. I'm talking about Cuates y Cuetes, a restaurant bar, an iconic place in Olas Altas, which celebrated 30 years on the Day of the Dead. With a multitude of memories and musical experiences, social interactions, and events that have undoubtedly left a lasting impression on the memories of both domestic and international tourists, who have been served with warmth.

It was celebrated with the simplicity of feeling at home, an ancient Day of the Dead ceremony, customers turned into friends, loyal collaborators, good food, and, of course, an extensive musical repertoire of various genres were part of the touching celebration.

Cuates y Cuetes, an essential part of the traditional spirit in Playa Los Muertos since 1993. Adding leisure experiences, music, and enjoyment for three decades in the hearts of tourists, locals, and residents. And there is more to come!