Movie: "Hurricane Season"

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A film by Elisa Miller.

Following the tremendous success this magnificent piece of cinematic art has achieved worldwide through the Netflix platform, where a Vallarta native shines as the actor in "La Bruja," "Hurricane Season" will be screened at La Gata Foro Bar on Saturday, December 9th, at 8 pm. Admission is free, but reservations can be made by calling 3221917478.

Edgar Treviño, the interpreter of "La Bruja," a Vallarta local with a majestic talent who proudly represents the vibrant tourist city of Puerto Vallarta, will be present during the movie screening. Moreover, after enjoying the film, Dante Treviño will answer questions and engage in a circular dialogue—a discussion to delve into scenes and gain insight from someone involved in its creation.

Elisa Miller's work is an adaptation of the novel written by Fernanda Melchor, which made its debut at the 2023 Morelia Film Festival, winning the award for the best screenplay for a Mexican feature film. "Hurricane Season" stands as one of the most intriguing films—exciting, unsettling, raw, stark, and vulnerable. It interweaves five stories that share a common thread. It all begins when some children discover the corpse of La Bruja (Edgar Treviño), a mysterious woman feared and respected by all. This event leads us to uncover the motivations behind the protagonist's addictions, his relationships with family and friends, and a glimmer of hope represented by the arrival of a 14-year-old pregnant girl with nowhere to go.

If this story piques your interest, don't miss the screening at La Gata Foro Bar, accompanied by your loved ones and in great comfort. Try to converse with Dante and explore the deep, silent abyss of his personality that, when revealed, shakes the space. I am certain you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.