80's Salsa Night.

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Let's go back to the 80s dance floor.

Starting from today, March 5th, 2024, you can get your bracelets to attend the biggest and most important party for Salsa, a social dance that has characterized Latin American communities for decades. The rhythm of Salsa merged Rock and Roll, blues, and jazz with the indigenous music of Latin American peoples, and this blend was called "Salsa".

In Puerto Vallarta, Salsa is a very popular dance discipline. There is no Vallarta party that does not enjoy Salsa, the music, and the dance that ignite the dance floors. So, for both local and foreign tourists, experiencing social salsa is very important, gratifying, and exciting. It's a way to meet a partner, it's a way to have a great time with your own partner, or simply to enjoy socializing with those who also enjoy this dance.

On March 23rd, at the facilities of the Social Security Hall, there will be a Salsa event with a throwback style to the 80s. A party with live music, a DJ, and professional dancers at the service of the attendees. The host of this event is professional Salsa dancer César Trejo, who has dedicated his life to organizing and promoting social Salsa events in Puerto Vallarta.

We assure you that with Salsa, you will feel good because it is a healthy activity. Salsa also makes you more sociable since you enjoy without inhibitions; when you dance, you increase your seduction skills. You may encounter famous people from the entertainment industry and socialize with them. Dance always boosts self-esteem and combats sedentary lifestyle. Dance is happiness, it is Love, and it is Freedom. Look for your tickets on César Trejo's social media, don't miss out on this beautiful experience.