Spring Equinox Ceremony In Puerto Vallarta.

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An event organized by the indigenous peoples settled in Puerto Vallarta.

The Migrant Indigenous Peoples residing in Puerto Vallarta invite the community and society to be part of a unique ancestral ceremony. In their purpose to organize themselves for the rescue and development of their cultures, for the benefit of the community.

One of the Nations that lived in these Vallartan lands were the Chichimecas, especially the so-called Wixárikas; their descendants have bestowed upon us teachings and shown us their profound connection with Nature. Our indigenous brothers have celebrated the Spring Equinox since ancient times. This event represents the beginning of a new life on Earth, fertility for a good harvest, and blissfulness. Although the Spring Equinox officially occurred on March 19th this year, on March 23rd, there will be a ceremony with the presence of many Peoples who have joined because they all live day by day in Puerto Vallarta, which provides them with work and shelter.

The Spring Equinox Ceremony will take place at the "AZTATLÁN" Ceremonial Center next Saturday, March 23rd, starting at 8 am with a breakfast called "Mitotl" where Tamales will be served for everyone, and then at 9 am the official ceremony will begin. The location is on Hidalgo Street corner with "De los Maestros" in the Niños Héroes neighborhood, Ixtapa.

The Spring Equinox is a point of connection between the sky and the earth, a reminder of our relationship with the cosmos. We await you to enjoy the Deep Culture of our ancient Mexico.