MAYAHUEL By Teatro Vallarta.

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Chamber Dance for Teatro Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta boasts a high-quality theater, a space for the development of chamber works that aims to have a lineup suitable for those who enjoy attending grand events, which are mostly foreigners living in Puerto Vallarta. And so they offer works that speak of the Majestic Mexican Culture. On this occasion, we will talk about "Mayahuel," a production by Teatro Vallarta.

"Quetzalcóatl," the God of the "Mexicas," falls in love with a star named "MAYAHUEL." His love for her drives him to do the impossible to bring her to Earth, transforming into "Execatl" (God of the air) to make it a reality. "Quetzalcóatl," in gratitude for his love for "MAYAHUEL," decides to gift her the four elements (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire). Deeply in love, they thought of conquering the Universe, but "MAYAHUEL's" grandfather, “Tzinzimitl,” would not allow her to be taken from him.

Experience the outcome of this ancient legend full of culture, mysticism, and romance that will shake your senses. Thus announces the Theater the most important Show of Teatro Vallarta, which offers various seasons throughout the year for the development of this chamber spectacle.

We invite you to be part of all those who are amazed by the adventure, magic, virtuosity of musicians, scenic artists, dancers, and circus performers who together make possible the artistic phenomenon for every spectator. Look for the schedule at and reserve your tickets to see "MAYAHUEL" in April.