Mariachi Fandango Puerto Vallarta 2024 Festival.

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A Night of Mariachi at Cuale.

The Mariachi Fandango Puerto Vallarta 2024 Festival will take place on March 27th, starting at 5 pm, at the esplanade of the Cuale Cultural Center.

The festival aims to celebrate the Jaliscan history of Mariachi itself. According to one version of history, the indigenous population of Techaluta, a village in Jalisco, called a wooden floor on which they danced or stomped "Mariachi." It is believed that "Mariachi" was the name of the tree they cut down to make these dance floors.

Another version suggests that the word "Mariachi" is derived from the French word "mariage," meaning marriage or wedding. When the French arrived in Jalisco during the French intervention, they were amazed by the fervor with which weddings were celebrated in the region.

But also, Cocula is the birthplace of Mariachi, as agreed upon by specialists. The musical genre definitely originated in the western part of the country, precisely in Cocula, so we can say that Jalisco is the cradle of Mariachi. In pre-Hispanic times, the inhabitants of Cocula - then called "cocas" - used music to "feel close" to Teocáyatl and Cocolli, two of their main gods. Thus, when the Spanish arrived, they used music as a tool to spread the Catholic religion among the other peoples of the region, as it was easier to convey their doctrinal messages through songs.

The festival will bring together some of the most prominent Mariachi groups in Puerto Vallarta, such as - Mariachi Femenil Estrellas de América - Mariachi Raíz Jalisciense - Los Polvitos - Mariachi Mi Ciudad.

The Cuale Cultural Center is located at the eastern end of the Cuale River Island, in downtown Puerto Vallarta. Admission to the Mariachi Fandango Puerto Vallarta 2024 Festival is free and open to the public. So come and enjoy an afternoon in Vallarta, Jalisco, and very Mexican.