The Game We All Play.

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Final performances in Puerto Vallarta.

The great theatrical success of the play "The Game We All Play" by the internationally acclaimed Alejandro Jodorowsky, playwright, astrologer, and philosopher, triumphed in Puerto Vallarta, with a season that, of course, extended until the end of March due to its great success. Directed by the great master Alberto Fabián Sahagún Orozco, a nationally acclaimed Vallarta native and owner of dozens of international awards.

It is a production of Boa Viagem Theater that has made the effort and sacrifice but with joy and passion for the theater to continue with the success of the season of "The Game We All Play."

A text that will make you question, think, analyze, and feel. This work is based on 7 books of psychology and sociology such as "I'm OK, You're OK" (Thomas Harris), "Science and Human Behavior" (Frederick Skinner), and "Games People Play" (Eric Berne), which talks about transactional psychology. They say that humans not only need to feed themselves every day to be well but also require affection. Another thing the play says is that there are 3 roles we play in life: the parent, the adult, and the child. And here is where the play begins to have a series of sketches to represent these roles.

The cast of this great local success is composed as follows:

*Adaly Solís

*Azul Cervera

*José Manuel Delgado

*Karen Castañeda

*Ramiro Daniel

*Silverio Gurrola

Of course, you can still enjoy the play, even though we are in the final stretch, as March 31st will be the last performance at the Centro Cultural Cuale Forum in Puerto Vallarta. Don't miss it, attend next Saturday, March 30th, and Sunday, March 31st, at the Isla del Río Cuale with a cover charge of only $200.

Theater is a way to understand ourselves and learn from life, enjoy this great work, have fun, learn, and confront your doubts about existence. Theater is a direct language with the human soul.