The Season Of "Supreme" Has Come To An End.

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The artists bid farewell to Act2 PV's "Supreme" season.

The last afternoon of fabulous songs and great performances by a talented cast at the Act2 PV Cabaret Theater has arrived. It's time for Supreme, who, after a spectacular success with great artists from the industry, closed the Supreme season to pursue many other projects for the audience of Puerto Vallarta.

"Supreme" is an extraordinary musical journey that transcends generations, drawing inspiration from the iconic sounds of "The Supremes" and "MOTOOWN," transporting you through a musical time capsule. Over the past electrifying four years, 'SUPREME' has become a fascinating celebration of today's biggest hits, as well as the timeless melodies that once made us dance in the streets during the golden era of young African-American women groups with privileged voices.

With the voices of Yutzil Mar, Gabriela Heart, Miana Meléndez, and Bigi World, the latter of whom will take the opportunity to tour the southern part of the country and take her talent even further. When these four dynamic women take the stage, an electric synergy fills the air with absolutely incredible harmonies. Each performer takes center stage in turn, serenading the audience with lead vocals, while the others provide impeccable backup harmonies and choreographed dance moves. This show exudes the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas and captivates and entertains audiences of all ages, promising an unforgettable night of musical magic!

The production, produced by Alfonso López and choreographed by Edgar Román, bids farewell to the stage for a while to allow for more repertoire works for the entire Vallarta audience and the tourists who visit us.

On an afternoon of melancholy and nostalgia, the virtuoso singers bid farewell to the work to toast to all the magical moments they experienced. Let's hope they soon delight us with more works where they continue to showcase the great talent they possess.