"Gaby Heart" Will Represent Puerto Vallarta In Tonalá, Jalisco.

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She will attend the Talent With Purpose event.

Gabriela Heart has been working in the Music Industry of Puerto Vallarta for 4 years as an artist in musical shows, musical theater productions, live performances at restaurants, concerts, and hotels.

She has always been in love with Theater, Music, and Dance. Originally from Tepic, Nayarit, she moved to Puerto Vallarta at a young age. Gaby had the opportunity to participate in Musical Theater since she was 13 years old with the production of Mama Mia organized by the "British American School" at the CECATUR Forum in downtown Puerto Vallarta. She has studied music at the "Universidad Libre de Música" and at the "Giussepe Verdi Opera Workshop" where she studied singing. After the pandemic and a long journey where she lived in Guadalajara, Canada, and Tepic; she auditioned at ACT2 PV for the production she has always been passionate about, Mama Mia, where she was admitted and where she set out to pursue a professional career as a Musical Theater Actress.

At 26 years old, Gaby Heart will represent Puerto Vallarta in the Project called Talent With Purpose, which consists of a concert and art exhibition in Tonalá, where Gaby will showcase the beautiful Art of Singing. The event is organized by Diego Jarero of the Tonalá Municipal Government. There will be 3 phases, the first 2 stages will feature individual songs and the last stage will be a duet where they will sing very interesting songs for the knowledgeable audience.

It is worth noting that the support from the Tonalá Municipal Government consists of accommodation and meals for Gaby but does not cover the trip, which will be paid for by Gabriela Heart, who has not yet received support from the Puerto Vallarta Municipal Government.

Gaby tells young people: "There is no small dream, all the things that you may think are too much for you or that it is something too big for what life is preparing you for, that is a blatant lie, rather, I would say What lie are you telling yourself to not do what you want? Because artists have the great task of creating for those who have the ability to immerse themselves in feelings and enjoy contemplating the works. If you want to make art in Puerto Vallarta, don't be afraid, if you really want to, try it, take a risk and if it goes wrong the first time, it doesn't matter, keep trying because practice works wonders for skills and develop it, everything can be learned."

Follow Gabriela Heart on her social media so you can contribute to her making a great representation of the artists, spectators, and fans of the music and singing art of Puerto Vallarta.



She recently presented the show "Tribute to Dua Lipa", as well as two other theater productions such as the tribute to "Supreme" and "The Best of Broadway". She is currently working on original music. Her life is music! Don't miss the grand finale! on Friday, April 12, from Tonalá, Jalisco. Plaza Cihualpilli Esplanade - Downtown Tonalá. 5:00 pm - Final Show that you can watch live from the comfort of your home through the official Talent With Purpose pages.