Vallarta Azteca Folk Festival.

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Experience Folk Dance and its Passion.

Starting on April 28th, the Vallarta Azteca International Folk Festival kicks off, with the participation of several countries from around the world such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Honduras, Romania, and as the host, Mexico. This was announced in a press conference by the owners of Ballet Vallarta Azteca and the directors of these public institutions through the Vallarta Cultural Institute and the Secretary of Tourism.

Mexican folk dance is a vibrant reflection of the country's rich cultural diversity. With roots dating back to pre-Hispanic traditions and subsequent fusions with European influences, this art form celebrates the history, identity, and beliefs of Mexico's various regions. From the vigorous movements of the "jarabes" to the poetic grace of the "sones jaliscienses," each folk dance tells a unique story that honors ancestral traditions and the Mexican people's passion for artistic expression.

International folk dance is a fascinating mosaic of cultures, bringing together people from different parts of the world through the universal language of movement and music. From the majestic dances of Europe to the vibrant celebrations of Africa and the lush expressions of Latin America and Asia, this artistic genre reflects the diversity and beauty of humanity. Each dance tells a unique story, transmitting ancestral traditions, cultural values, and universal emotions that transcend linguistic and geographical barriers. Festivals and events of international folk dance offer an exciting opportunity to immerse oneself in the cultural riches of the world, where dancers, dressed in dazzling traditional costumes, bring to life the stories and traditions of their respective countries. These performances not only offer visually stunning entertainment but also foster intercultural understanding and appreciation for global diversity, thus promoting unity and harmony in an increasingly interconnected world.

The colorful and elaborate attire, along with the energetic music and dynamic movements, are characteristic elements of Mexican folk dance. Each region has its own distinctive style, manifested through specific steps, gestures, and attire, creating a unique visual and auditory experience for the viewer. More than just a form of entertainment, Mexican folk dance is a means of preserving and transmitting the country's cultural richness, connecting past and present generations in a vibrant and exciting dialogue of tradition and creativity.

On this occasion, the grand Festival will take place in different venues, including the Ixtapa Delegation, where the festival's closing will be held on May 5th. Don't miss this cultural celebration of the world at the 18th edition of FESTVA.