3 Art Performances At La Gata Foro Bar

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A Space for True Latin Performing Arts

With the idea of including art for the local people of Puerto Vallarta, La Gata Foro Bar constantly launches different artistic and scenic proposals for a local audience that speaks only Spanish. These proposals range from theater plays, music concerts, poetry readings, and even the famous "Open Mic" nights. That’s why we are bringing you 3 works of performing art that we are sure will surprise you and significantly enhance everyone's cultural heritage.

Thursday, May 30 at 9 pm
Ecos y egos del amor inmortal, a play by the CUC theater company, an evening of experimental theater. Fragments of Greek classics.

Friday, May 31 at 8 pm
Silvano, el rey de los vatos, a comedic monologue of a desperate father, a production by Somos Teatro.

Friday, June 1 at 8:30 pm
Del amor al dolor pasando por el tequila, a musical show, full of heartache and tequila, with Coral Arroyo and Alejandro Muraira. Free Admission.

All the plays presented at La Gata Foro Bar are designed to create an atmosphere where the connection between the audience and the artist is the most important, as it is in this communication where the Artistic Phenomenon occurs. You cannot miss these cultural and artistic events. We look forward to sharing an evening of magic and enriching art with you.

Reserve at 33 1443 4424 with Coral Arroyo.