New Facilities At Pelicanos SUNSET: Expanding Horizons

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Elevating the Pelicanos Hotel Experience with Exciting Additions

Pelicanos Hotel, owned by Grupo Guadalajara Plaza, has embarked on an impressive journey of growth since its acquisition over 20 years ago. What began as a modest establishment has now blossomed into three high-quality constructions, each offering unique services. Among these, the all-inclusive luxury Sunset Plaza Resort stands out as an intimate and serene haven, combining modernity with comfort and warmth.

Sunset Plaza takes hospitality to the next level by providing a holistic experience through its renowned Hotel Spa services. Here, tourists can immerse themselves in an extended moment of relaxation, embracing continuous yoga practices and an atmosphere of pure tranquility and perpetual harmony.

However, four years ago, construction began on a new tower that would further enhance the hotel's grandeur. This undertaking faced various challenges, including the devastating impact of the global pandemic, which halted progress for a considerable period. Yet, thanks to the charismatic leadership of Mauricio Levratti Montoya, the General Sales Manager of Grupo Guadalajara Plaza, the hotel persevered, prioritizing the well-being of its employees and offering unparalleled service to its valued guests.

By the end of this year, the highly anticipated new building at Sunset Plaza will be inaugurated, doubling the number of rooms and providing two additional event spaces for banquets, weddings, and celebrations. This achievement stands as a testament to the tireless teamwork of the hotel staff and the unwavering dedication of all those involved, as they continue to deliver exceptional services and uphold the esteemed reputation of Puerto Vallarta on the world stage.