The Effective Security Plan In Puerto Vallarta

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Ensuring Safety for All in Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, one of the most visited cities in Mexico, offers the world a comprehensive security plan through its Urban Development Plan, implemented since 2022. The primary objective of this plan is to guarantee the safety of all individuals residing in and traveling through the Vallarta territory, creating secure spaces and environments with public order, a culture of peace, respect for human rights, and coordinated actions among the three levels of government and civil society.

The Municipality of Puerto Vallarta has developed a public security strategy to ensure peace in the city's neighborhoods and a safe social environment for both residents and visitors. It would be highly unlikely for Vallarta, as the top tourist destination in the country, not to have a Security Plan in place.

To achieve this challenge, the municipal authorities have implemented measures to address the risks affecting the population. It is crucial to provide security not only for individuals but also for public assets, as Vallarta is expected to maintain its reputation as a beautiful port capable of meeting the expectations of international tourism.

The significant mobilization of vehicle and public security operations is noticeable, serving to deter antisocial and criminal behavior. Collaborating with all levels of government, these efforts strengthen the public security force. In support of this, 100 official vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, and a fire truck have been acquired.

Another impressive aspect is the installation of C4-C5 infrastructure, including surveillance cameras, emergency buttons, and state-of-the-art drones. These advancements have enabled the monitoring and pursuit of crimes, ensuring that they do not go unpunished. The maintenance and updating of the radio communication system, along with the implementation of new cellular technology, have optimized the work of the police force dedicated to maintaining peace in our municipality.

Puerto Vallarta is a safe place for everyone.