All Set For Vallartazo 2023: Excitement Is Building

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"Razer" Type Vehicles Ready for the Adventure

The adventurous journey of motorcycle clubs and "Razer" type vehicles is approaching. This journey starts from the city of Guadalajara and ends in Puerto Vallarta. It's a journey that takes on mountainous terrain, passing through the most complex roads and trails filled with challenges for the travelers. Experiencing the hot and humid weather, nights filled with adventures, days of challenges, and the strong camaraderie among the teams all contribute to creating an atmosphere of wild nature.

Several groups and clubs will gather to begin this major journey from September 12th to 14th of this year. It will be three days of adventure and action. The month of September was chosen for this adventure because 68% of the surface area of Jalisco State has a warm sub-humid climate, especially along the coast. In September, Guadalajara experiences decreasing cloudiness, with the percentage of time that the sky is cloudy or mostly cloudy decreasing from 87% to 82%. The highest probability of having cloudy or mostly cloudy conditions is 87% on September 11th. The probability of clear skies, mostly clear skies, or partially cloudy skies is 63%.

Even though the Vallartazo is experienced intensely only in Puerto Vallarta, in reality, it will be a three-day "Extreme Off Road" journey, passing through magical towns, rivers, trenches, forests, technical sections, and if the weather is favorable, encountering a lot of mud.

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