¿Is It Possible To Rent Yachts In August, During The Rainy Season?

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Yacht and Boat Rentals During the Rainy and Hurricane Season.

During this period, many of us contemplate the idea of renting a boat due to the weather. We wonder if it will rain, if it will be cloudy, if the sea will be rough, and we even get anxious upon hearing about an approaching hurricane. This series of speculations and sensitive information influence the hesitation to venture into the sea on any type of watercraft.

This time span from July to October marks the rainy and hurricane season, with days of rainfall and others filled with abundant sunshine, showcasing breathtaking sunsets with majestic colors in the sky. It offers a mystical charm and an extraordinary landscape. However, for the most part, it allows for delightful sea excursions.

One advantage of this season is the availability of rental promotions for 4-hour periods with an additional complimentary hour, effectively providing 5 hours for the price of 4. Some watercrafts reduce their rental prices, making it the opportune time to capitalize on the off-peak season and relish in quality time with your family.

Options range from fishing vessels, swift skiffs, luxurious yachts, speedboats, and even catamarans with access to the Marietas Islands. The tourism industry in Puerto Vallarta lives up to your highest expectations. Despite the rain, the Bay remains a paradise that can be enjoyed with due caution. The concerns related to rain and hurricanes are primarily matters of vigilance and awareness, rather than absolute reasons to dismiss the idea. Most individuals assume that navigating during rainy conditions is impractical and hazardous, whereas in reality, it is feasible and not necessarily perilous.