Municipal President Inaugurates New Street.

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Hundreds of Parents to Benefit from this Street.

After 3 months of diligent work, the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta has finally unveiled the newly completed street for the residents of the Las Aralias, Los Sauces, and Aralias II neighborhoods. Nevertheless, the true beneficiaries will be the numerous parents who, during the upcoming school year, will traverse a smooth road devoid of potholes and obstacles. Pavo Real Street holds significant importance as it leads to a multitude of schools and serves as a route for public transportation as well.

The now completed street encountered challenges that delayed its delivery, including the replacement of drainage pipes and water supply lines. Moreover, the installation of Pichón-style sidewalks, adorned with ample grass patches, has been undertaken to support the local community's development in Puerto Vallarta.

A total of 1,259 square meters of road were revitalized to create a splendid achievement that enhances the appeal of Pavo Real Street. Beyond the outcomes, it is crucial to underscore that this endeavor stands as a clear demonstration of Puerto Vallarta's transition towards modern streets, progressively moving away from cobblestone-laden paths.

The street paving project on Pavo Real Street, between Paseo del Marlyn and Ruiseñor in the Las Aralias neighborhood, required an investment of just over 4 million pesos, providing benefits to more than 23,000 residents. This is a project that should have been undertaken long ago but is now a tangible reality.