Winter Break For Cuale River Workshops

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With just one month remaining until the conclusion of the last workshops of 2024.

The Cuale River Cultural Center, part of the Vallartense Institute of Culture, offers a diverse array of workshops in Art, Crafts, and Design for the mixed community of Puerto Vallarta. I use the term 'mixed' because it encompasses all Vallartans, as well as foreigners visiting or residing in the beautiful paradise of our city.

The workshops include Acting, Drumming, Singing, Drawing, Painting, Guitar, Latin Instruments, Piano, Children's Painting, Crafts, DJing, and more. However, despite this diversity, the workshop administration remains open to introducing more options if desired.

With morning and afternoon schedules, the Vallartense Institute of Culture also offers a promotion of Free Enrollment for the remainder of this year. This means that only the monthly fee needs to be paid, in this case, for one month, as the winter vacation will commence on December 15th, signaling the closure of Art workshops for the year 2023.

Therefore, the Workshop Director has decided that all individuals joining in December will not pay enrollment fees until February 2024. There's even a possibility that this promotion may continue until the current administration of the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta concludes.

The workshops welcome people throughout the year as their existence is part of a plan to recognize the talents of hundreds of young individuals with different abilities, ensuring they do not resort to antisocial behaviors. Let's remember that there are 4 different Cultural Centers: the Cuale River Cultural Center, the Pitillal Cultural Center, the La Lija Cultural Center, and the Mojoneras Cultural Center.

The fact that children, young people, and adults have a space to clear their minds is truly a blessing. Additionally, having other locations closer to the town is advantageous. Culture and Art serve as pillars for our development, fostering peace and well-being.