CONCOMIC 2023 In Puerto Vallarta: The Most Anticipated "Cosplay" Event

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The most awaited event by the world of "Cosplay"

Is set to take place on December 2nd and 3rd at the Los Mangos Library – it's none other than CONCOMIC. This event will feature the presence of Marc Winslow, the voice behind "Phineas."

Cosplay is a world where the primary activity revolves around dressing up as favorite characters from Anime, Manga, Comics, Movies, Novels, and Video Games. Since the 1970s, Japan has been hosting such activities, and in the 1990s, it expanded globally, reaching its consolidation in the 2010s. While the first known "Cosplay" emerged in the USA, mentioned at Worldcon stating: "...the first Cosplay known was created by Forrest J. Ackerman in 1939, with his costume of 'The Futuristicosme.'"

CONCOMIC serves as an ideal space for Otaku and Geek culture enthusiasts, not only limited to children but also adults passionate about anime and manga. Held annually at the Los Mangos Library in Puerto Vallarta, it simultaneously takes place in many other cities, reinforcing the Asian trend and the products related to anime, manga, and video games.

For all "Cosplayers," Otakus, and Geeks interested in Asian culture, the Los Mangos Library will once again open its doors for the opportunity to meet Marc Winslow, the voice of "Phineas Flynn," a fictional character and protagonist of the original Disney Channel series "Phineas and Ferb." The series depicts "Phineas's" attempts to avoid boredom by seeking something new to do each summer day alongside his laconic stepbrother. Come, meet the person behind this character's voice, dress up, and engage at CONCOMIC to gain a deeper understanding of Asian Culture.

To purchase entry tickets, you can visit the reception desk at Los Mangos Library on Francisco Villa Avenue 1001 in the Los Mangos neighborhood, or go to El Chivo Surfer at San Salvador Street 570 B in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood, or directly through the following link:

Remember, children under one meter in height do not require a ticket.