Three Crocodiles Spotted At The Mouth Of The Cuale River

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A surprising sighting of three crocodiles near bathers in Puerto Vallarta has astonished tourists.

Reports this week confirmed the presence of these crocodiles at the mouth of the Cuale River. In response, local residents and businesses in the city center promptly reported the issue to municipal authorities, notably to members of Civil Protection and the Fire Department.

It's worth recalling that from the founding of Puerto Vallarta until the early 1980s, it was common to see women washing clothes around Islita. These women, alongside the river, formed part of the rustic imagery of Puerto Vallarta, finding shade under palm-thatched shelters next to the massive rocks where they washed their clothes. Throughout that time, the presence of crocodiles was never recorded. However, there used to be sightings of "water dogs," which are otters that continue to appear in these areas.

Today, the mouth of the Cuale River has become an iconic spot in the city. It has transformed into a must-visit for tourists, surrounded by condominiums, cultural centers, markets, restaurants, hotels, and numerous stalls selling typical clothing, handicrafts, T-shirts, and other items.

Crocodile sightings in this area have been ongoing for the past four years, potentially posing an unwelcome surprise for tourists visiting the region. Local swimmers have already adapted to coexisting with these crocodiles, often taking photos and swimming in close proximity to them. However, tourists are considerably more alarmed due to their lack of knowledge on how to deal with these animals. Authorities are actively addressing these concerns to ensure the safety of everyone, assuring that these beautiful creatures will not pose a threat to anyone.