Parking Fees Introduced At "Sams Pitillal"

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As if it were a joke for April Fools' Day, parking fees are now in effect.

On December 28th, the parking fees at Sams and Walmart Pitillal commenced. Although the parking barriers were set up a month ago, and parking fees were authorized, it wasn't until this past Thursday when the actual charges began. There's a sense of confusion regarding this decision, which interestingly started on the controversial day of the Holy Innocents, a day people customarily use for pranks and playful lies. However, this charging isn't any amusing lie; instead, it's a measure that will impact the finances of the users, who are far from pleased.

The fee will be $12 per hour, reducing to $7 per hour after two hours with a ticket stamped by the stores in this shopping plaza. The parking lot will provide 24-hour service. Drivers are urged to conscientiously use only one parking space, park their vehicles properly without causing inconvenience to others, ensure their cars are securely locked, refrain from leaving valuables inside, and utilize the parking facility responsibly.

It's worth noting that there's now insurance coverage for total car theft, payable at a 30% tax deductible, albeit with limited coverage as it doesn't encompass theft of any car parts or accidents caused by third parties unrelated to the parking facility. The management has installed barriers to control entries and exits, along with security cameras and bollards for traffic control at the entrances.

As a measure to curb the rising instances of theft affecting users, the administration seeks a radical alternative to address this issue. Hence, it's advisable to be prepared with change to use the parking lot located at the Pitillal intersection on the main Francisco Medina Ascencio avenue.

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