New Year's Invitation To Turn The Page.

Living in PV
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2024, a blank canvas for dreams and projects.

Turning the page, the New Year celebration is invited from Puerto Vallarta. Favored by a high percentage of tourists who, for this reason, reaffirm their visit to this tourist paradise. An event celebrated globally on December 31st. Considered a special occasion to celebrate in many parts of the world, as the end of one cycle and the welcome another that begins. However, the date does not apply to all countries or cultures, nor do the diverse rituals carried out.

2023 comes to an end. It has been written on a humanity, society, business, family, and personal level. We stand before blank canvases to paint dreams and life projects in 2024. Learn from yesterday, live and flow in the present, trust in tomorrow.

An invitation is extended to dare to be reborn as evolving beings that we are. To live a life with meaning, coherence, where thought, emotion, word, and action go hand in hand. As the richness of personal and collective well-being allows for new possibilities.

As a sign of the greatness and power that is gratitude, offering the best of ourselves while being capable of renew, learn or filter through the cluster of experiences to savor in the coming year with a positive attitude, empathy, and strength in every role and area of life.

A bit of history: the start of the New Year, January 1st, was instituted in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII in the current Gregorian Calendar that bears his name. This was for the Western world and most Catholic countries.

In Mexico, during the Pre-Hispanic era, the Mexicas or Aztecs didn’t follow the calendar brought by the Spaniards. They had established the New Year in their own Mexica Solar Calendar. These were days of introspection, shelter, reflection on what had been experienced in the year, and gratitude to nature for what was received during that period. They celebrated it in March, holding a grand feast in honor of the god of fire.

Twelve months, four seasons, and endless possibilities to use the colors of each. To live with a joyful heart, an open mind, and like stars in the sky, appreciate opportunities, challenges, and creations. Enjoying their creation daily and thus, flow with the times.

Let's toast to the new year, to the 365 blank pages available to write each chapter with happiness, intention, and above all, without tension. Striving to fill them with wisdom, love, and gratitude, expanding to create as many special, fulfilling, and unforgettable memories as possible.

May humanity, minds, and hearts be filled with all possible blessings. A Healthy, Prosperous, and Happy 2024. Here and Now.