The Mirador De La Cruz In Puerto Vallarta.

Living in PV
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Take spectacular photos in this wonderful place.

2024 has arrived to offer you new adventures, and something to face the results of so much December partying, with delicious Mexican food is going for a run, and what better place to exercise than by climbing to the Mirador at the Cerro de la Cruz.

The Cerro de la Cruz is practically in the center of Puerto Vallarta, just 20 minutes from the boardwalk. However, being so far from sea level could be very strenuous, especially with the intense sun, it can even be extremely dehydrating. That is why I recommend doing it with a good supply of water or electrolytes, that is, serum to hydrate the body along the way.

There are several routes to reach the ascent of the Cerro de la Cruz, but it is best to do it from the Malecón through Abasolo Street, where all you have to do is go up and up and keep going up. From the stair area, there is a second option to lighten the trip, a funicular or cable car that helps a lot, however, it is not always available, I hope you are lucky, if not, continue climbing the stairs to the top.

When you arrive, you will have done the cardio for the whole week and as a gift, you will have the option of taking the best panoramic photos of the entire Bahía de Banderas, you will even find a platform to climb higher and take better photos. Enjoy!

The wood used to make the beautiful Cross that is seen for kilometers is characteristic of the wonderful wood that we can appreciate all over Puerto Vallarta. Living this experience is putting your own adventurous spirit into action, it is enjoying to the fullest the benefits that paradises like this offer. Without a doubt, if you want to impress someone with your spectacular photos or videos with panoramic views, or demonstrate that you can handle this aerobic challenge, or simply want to recommend an unforgettable place, you can talk about this beautiful Mirador at the Cerro de la Cruz.