Olas Altas

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Special Attraction in Puerto Vallarta

Olas Altas is not only a beautiful beach but also a historically significant area marked by the people of Puerto Vallarta, as it preserves the magic of old Puerto Vallarta that refuses to change despite the pressures from large businessmen who seek to favor their own businesses at all costs, absurdly risking the beauty of the port. This is an unfavorable strategy if we consider that it is precisely the preserved magic of Olas Altas that captivates people who visit our beautiful port for the first time.

Olas Altas is located in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, better known as the Romantic Zone, which is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta. Although new buildings and businesses have been constructed, it is still known as "Old Vallarta."

Olas Altas Beach is one of the main beaches in the Puerto Vallarta city area and is also part of the same beach that is the most popular in the city, Playa Los Muertos, but tends to be less known or named. It is located at the northern end of the Romantic Zone, starting at the mouth of the Cuale River and ending at the Los Muertos Beach Pier. You will also notice that the main street in the Romantic Zone is also called Olas Altas, making it a name with significant connotations in the city.

In the area known as Olas Altas, you can find restaurants to suit all tastes, from simple but delicious tacos at a street stall to steak cuts, oriental, Italian, fast food, Mexican, or even delicious international cuisine. There are also nightclubs, cafes, and souvenir shops. One of the factors that has made this area extremely popular is the large number of places such as bars, clothing stores, spas, hotels, and many other establishments that have directed their efforts to provide services to the local, national, and foreign Gay community that constantly comes to Puerto Vallarta and are always more than welcome. It has its own Cabaret Theater and is one of the most cultural spaces in Vallarta.