The Sculpture Of The Third Millennium.

Living in PV
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Yet another sculpture representing Puerto Vallarta to the world.

This sculpture, created by Mathis Lídice, was inaugurated in 2001 on the Malecón of Puerto Vallarta, a large sculpture standing 6 meters tall created to celebrate the New Millennium. The Sculpture of the Third Millennium consists of a main body, a long, high spine in an ascending spiral that supports characters like Charlemagne, followed by Netzahualcóyotl, and at the upper end, a woman reaching for a dove. The three characters symbolize the evolution of man through time, with the woman and the dove representing the hope of the third millennium.

Once you pass Hidalgo Park, on the right side, next to the sea, beside the historic Hotel Rosita, you'll find the monumental bronze sculpture. Originally designed to be installed in the year 2000, although it ended up being installed in 2001, a year later than planned. It tells the story, starting at the base, with water depicting waves and the sea, where life is believed to have begun, natural evolution, humanity, and ending with hope for the future, represented by the peace dove, along with symbols representing Christianity; a Sun on the front and a pair of hands raised in prayer on the back.

Before your stroll along the Malecón, stop to take photos with this beautiful sculpture that has survived the climatic challenges of the past decades. In its dedication, the artist wishes happiness, well-being, and peace to future generations from the beginning of the Millennium to our present day.