Luis Munguía Will Be The Municipal President Of Puerto Vallarta.

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The electoral process has concluded, and Puerto Vallarta has its elected President.

Luis Munguía emerged victorious in the electoral contest held on June 2, which was the largest in history with over 20,000 positions to be filled. The 05th District Council of Jalisco published the final results of Sunday's election, where Luis Ernesto Munguía González of the Green Party was declared the winner with 40,351 votes, corresponding to 39% of the ballots.

From Vallarta Today, we extend our congratulations to the young winner of this contest, who will govern Puerto Vallarta until 2027 and is expected to fulfill his campaign promises, including resolving water issues and constructing better avenues for citizens.

In second place was the former mayor Ramón Guerrero Martínez of the Citizen Movement with 27,276 votes, or 26% of the ballots. Against all odds, the candidate from the ruling party, María de Jesús López Delgado, came in third with 19,651 votes, only 19% of the ballots.

The candidates from the PAN, PRI, and PRD alliance, as well as from Pedro Kumamoto's party, Futuro, namely Margarita Quintero and Melissa Madero, had very close results. Margarita Quintero secured fourth place with 4,152 votes, just 4%, while Melissa Madero came in fifth with 3,966 votes, exactly 3.8% of the ballots. In sixth place was the Labor Party. Alonso Camacho obtained 1,971 votes, corresponding to 1.91% of the ballots, and Luz Amparo Delgado with 1,935 votes, achieving 1.87% of the ballots. With these results, Luis Munguía's slate will enter completely, obtaining the majority in the City Council.

Luis Munguía's leadership and commitment to our community have been evident throughout his career, and at Vallarta Today, we are confident that under his guidance, our beautiful city will continue to prosper and reach new heights. His vision and dedication will be essential in addressing the challenges we face and seizing the numerous opportunities before us. We wish him great success in his administration and are convinced that with his effort and the support of all citizens, Puerto Vallarta will continue to be a place of pride and development for all. May his mandate be characterized by transparency, progress, and the well-being of our community. Congratulations and move forward with enthusiasm in this new stage of public service that will begin in October.