10 Planes in Platform in PV

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Up to 10 planes on the platform of Puerto Vallarta's international airport .


This Saturday there was a lot of traffic at the Puerto Vallarta International Airport with the arrival of different flights from the United States and Canada. Mainly airlines North American airlines such as United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and Southwest, as well as West Jet, a Canadian airline with its flight from Calgary, province of Alberta, Canada, which has reactivated its market with the first flights to Puerto Vallarta after the pandemic, which managed to suspend all activities of the important Canadian airline. The airport had a lot of activity in all its areas, in the same way the arrival of hundreds of tourists to the International airport was reflected with the different airlines and their increases in flights that were reflected this Saturday, October 10th, after hundreds of passengers arrived at this tourist destination for vacation, some passengers commented that it was their first time traveling to Puerto Vallarta, but they said they were happy and felt safe with all the measures established by the government of Jalisco, and that they saw a lot of order on the part of the airport, which was very fast and in time that they did not have to wait in line,. In 15 minutes they were already outside the facilities, that was what they commented. Some passengers from Calgary were wearing winter clothes, since Canada already has low temperatures as is the case of Calgary, Alberta Canada. Also airport employees looked happy to have a job again, as well as the airport cab companies, now they worked hard, taking the passengers to their hotels and condominiums. The International airport is an important key in the reactivation of national and international tourism, who have certified their airports, thus giving confidence to the traveler who is already back after suspending his vacation because of the pandemic to this region. Vallarta on the rise with foreign tourism this weekend, who have already been seen in different areas of Puerto Vallarta, such as in the Marina, on the Malecon as well as in the Romantic Zone, in restaurants and bars of the city.