American Airlines Increases Its Operations Up To 3 Flights Per Day

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On October 8th the important airline had up to 5 arrivals to Puerto Vallarta


There is no doubt that tourism trusts Puerto Vallarta and that is because since the reopening of the beaches in this destination last June 15th, a gradual increase of flights in national and international arrivals to the international airport of Puerto Vallarta began, where the number of arrivals tripled from 322 in June to more than 1000 arriving in October. The reactivation of the tourist sector in this destination has taken place in a very responsible way, according to the indications of Governor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, and the state authorities of Tourism and Health. The hotels are operating at 50 percent of their capacity, while strictly applying preventive protocols. The same occurs in restaurants and tourist services in general, which consciously implement healthy distance in their establishments and activities. Puerto Vallarta has generated confidence in the travelers who have this tourist destination in mind, in their plans which is reflected in a gradual but conscious increase of passengers arriving by air. The list of international airlines during October highlights that United Airlines will offer 145 frequencies, American Airlines 135; Alaska Airlines 125; Southwest Airlines 49; Delta 31; and the Canadian West Jet 8; sunwing 1; and stop 1 max. For a total of 495 flights from the United States and Canada. Puerto Vallarta has 14 international air links, 11 of them from the United States: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco in California; Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington: Houston, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona, Denver, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois, and Newark, New Jersey. As well as three from Canada: Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Adding the national flights 511 and the international ones 495, a total of 1006 frequencies during this month.