The Wife Of The President Of Mexico Was In Puerto Vallarta

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Gutiérrez Müller promotes reading from the Malecon

On May 23rd the wife of the President of Mexico, Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller, who has renounced to be called "First Lady", because for her all Mexican women are first class women, was in Puerto Vallarta. She appeared in Puerto Vallarta accompanied by the Secretary of Public Security of the Nation Rosa Icela Rodriguez and the Ambassador of Portugal; the latter to give focus to the event.

Together, in a presentation with children from several high schools they developed an event called "Fandango for Reading" where the general interest was to show a fun, romantic and interesting side of reading for children.

Dr. Beatriz was very happy to see the response of the children of Vallarta, who were always looking for fun and learning from this great experience. With poetry, songs, anecdotes and prose in Spanish and Portuguese, the children had a great time on a wonderful stage in front of the so famous and magical Puerto Vallarta sunset.

The Secretary of Security, Rosa Icela, read a poem by Fernando Pessoa that although very short, demonstrated that for the head of a federal agency, Portuguese literature can be an exquisite moment of peace and tranquility for the soul, something that undoubtedly leaves food for the interior of any person with the responsibility of creating peace around them. Through a funny singer, and dynamics to keep the children awake and attentive to all the readings that were performed, the atmosphere created caused the children to read with great enthusiasm and playful energy.

Finally, the Municipal President of Puerto Vallarta Luis Alberto Michel Rodriguez dedicated a few words to all the attendees demonstrating that education is the most powerful source to change the world, it is the intellectual wealth obtained through reading.