Los Mangos: A Fraternal Library, Cultural Hub, And Literary Headquarters

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Isela Mariscal Revives Unfinished Projects of the Past at Los Mangos Library

Isela Mariscal Hernández took on the role of General Director at Los Mangos Library in January of this year, with the challenge of following up on all the unrealized programs and projects from the past. Her goal is to ensure that ideas don't remain mere concepts, but instead come to fruition in a meaningful way. One such project is "PYE Project," which began in 2010 as a simple approach to the writing community but has now evolved into something greater—an encompassing "Headquarters for Writers."

Despite her academic background in Public Accounting and a master's degree in Taxation, influenced by her father, Isela's passion has always been in the arts. She aspired to be a painter from a young age and solidified her profession by obtaining a bachelor's degree in Visual Arts a decade ago. She also owns an art gallery, works as a designer, and has her own clothing brand. Isela's personal initiative led her to Los Mangos Library, and she was invited to join the Library's Council. Given her administrative knowledge, she was an ideal candidate to lead the library.

Her first action at the library was to establish proper financial management and reorganize the rooms. She has been actively developing cultural events and providing support to artists. The PYE Community, driven by Isela Mariscal, aims to create a space that welcomes emerging poets, established writers with a rich trajectory, and anyone who dedicates their life to writing. The goal is to foster a fraternal community where cultural activities can flourish and thrive.

Under Isela's guidance, Los Mangos Library has become a dynamic and inclusive space for artistic expression. It serves as a platform to connect writers, provide them with opportunities for growth, and offer a nurturing environment for their creativity. The library's reinvigorated purpose extends beyond being a repository of books—it has transformed into a vibrant cultural hub that fosters collaboration, inspires new literary works, and celebrates the power of words.

Through Isela Mariscal's leadership, Los Mangos Library is embracing its role as a catalyst for cultural development and artistic innovation. By reviving past projects and providing support to writers and artists, the library is fostering a sense of community and becoming a beacon for literary enthusiasts and creatives in the region.