Vallarta Hidden Gem: Terraza Las Arecas

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The Corona Virus has made our lives much more challenging over the last several months but we can still find joy and celebrate our friends and family if we know where to go.


There are many places in the area that will cater to events such as birthdays, baby showers, etc., and one such gem is a little place out in Colonia Villas Universidad called Terraza Las Arecas. It is perfect for medium to small groups that can maintain social distancing as required by the city. It is operated by a super friendly young man named Omar. Omar got his start in the hospitality and restaurant industries at the age of 15 and has worked in several restaurants in the Puerto Vallarta area for many years. He moved to Seattle Washington at the age of 17 and stayed there for 7 years, learning all he could about hospitality and food service. He missed his beautiful paradise home town of Puerto Vallarta and decided to return so he got a job at the luxurious all inclusive resort, Velas Vallarta in Nuevo Vallarta. He began his career there as a waiter but through hard work and a lot of talent, he worked his way up to Restaurant Manager, a position he currently holds there. Omar opened Terraza Las Arecas in 2017 and it was an instant hit in the community. It was being used nearly every night, rain or shine until the Corona Virus imposed it's will on the world. This has not deterred Omar at all. His energy, enthusiasm, and desire to serve his guests get him through most issues. His motto is “Animo Compa” which translates to “Cheer up my friend”.


Omar is always thinking of his customers when he sets up the Terraza for parties.

He makes sure that they have everything they need and if something is missing he usually shows up immediately to make sure any issues are resolved. In addition to Terraza Las Arecas, Omar owns a banquet equipment company named JOMS. He rents out banquet tables, chairs, linens, etc. for parties at any location. Omar is one of the best in the business. Please support our local businesses like JOMS or Terraza Las Arecas and help our people make it through this difficult and challenging time. Once you meet Omar and see what he can do, you will never go anywhere else. Give him a call today.