Vallarta Prepares To Receive Tourists For Easter Week

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Beaches will be cleaned for vacationers

Authorities of the Health sector informed that different monitoring activities have been carried out to keep the beaches of Puerto Vallarta in optimal conditions, which will receive thousands of tourists who have chosen this tourist destination to vacation on this important date.

The monitors have been carried out in the waters of the bay, the last one on March 15th, with the purpose of making sure that there are no organisms that could affect the health of the tourists.

The monitors have been constant, so they are already in good conditions to receive the vacationers that will start arriving according to their lodging plans and vacation dates.

This is a very important vacation period, so it is already in conditions to receive the national tourism that travels during these dates and that will be able to go to the beaches with all the security, since the beaches of Puerto Vallarta are certified with blue flag, so they are safe for the tourist.

The Health sector recommends that during this holiday season, due to the change in temperature, which increases during these dates, you should be careful with seafood or food that may decompose in order to avoid ingesting bacteria or having any discomfort.

It is recommended to buy cooked food to avoid any infection by eating spoiled food, also avoid food that is sold on beaches that remain outdoors and can be contaminated by exposure to air and bacteria, to avoid gastrointestinal diseases.