Work Continues On The New Pier In Boca De Tomatlan

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New Pier will be a challenge for the Government of the State of Jalisco

The project for the construction of a pier in Boca de Tomatlan was born last year in order to improve the deplorable conditions of the current pier. The call for bids was published on July 25, 2022 and was approved with a start-up budget of $2'800'000.00 but the entire work could cost more.

The agency in charge of developing this construction is the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Public Works, headed by David Miguel Zamora Bueno who was present in a tour with Governor Enrique Alfaro in February, to supervise the start-up of the work and the conditions of the workers.

The challenge is to build a quality work with the highest standards of environmental care. Unfortunately, today the work is showing problems with a lack of materials and unqualified personnel to ensure that the waste from the work does not end up in the sea, causing an ecological problem. It is important to know that this wharf will measure 3.5 meters wide by 40 meters long and will serve ships and people transporting all kinds of materials by sea.

The benefits will be seen mainly in the security of the families that daily transport vivires and all type of materials to their homes crossing by this space. Pangas and boats that leave Boca de Tomatlán, go up to the towns of Quimixto, Las Ánimas, Caletas, Yelapa, Chimo and Punta Pérula; even tourists and visitors will benefit from a safer dock.

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