Introducing Ask Carlos, Q&A System for Mexico Related Topics

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Finally a system to have your questions answered by experts in many topic areas of Mexico

From time to time our viewers come up with interesting questions about traveling to Mexico and living in the country. Often, the answers to these questions are of interest to many of our followers. That’s why we implemented “Ask Carlos”. Carlos is a fictional character who will answer these questions with short videos. Sometimes the answers are informational but they can also be funny.

At the present time, the Ask Carlos Artificial Intelligence Platform is in its infancy and just a digital Q&A system. In the near future, Carlos will be a responsive virtual chatbot and interactive travel assistant.

Currently, we are asking travelers to "feed " the AI system with travel-related questions about the destination Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay. We need your input so the system can learn what is really important for travelers to Puerto Vallarta. If you plan to visit Puerto Vallarta in the near future, please go to our YouTube Channel and enter some interesting questions in the Ask Carlos section:

We are working on a live Q&A event, hosted by Vallarta Today. Detailed information about this special online session will be available soon on Travel Secrets TV in cooperation with Vallarta Today developed Ambassador Card, a special Reward Card, only available for our contributors who provide questions related to Vallarta travel.

Ask Carlos gives our viewers a chance to have their questions heard and answered by experts. Top questions will be converted into videos and shown on Travel Secrets YouTube Channel.

Please visit our YouTube Channel and frequently to see the progress we are making.

The Travel Secrets TV Team