Tourists Watch a Crocodile Enjoying the Waves of the Sea Next to the Pier

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It is not safe to swim in the sea during hurricane season.

It is normal to see crocodiles in the rivers, lagoons and estuaries, what is not common is to see them in the sea or walking around the city, but now with the rising of the rivers and in hurricane season, it is very likely to see them in the sea and close to us. However, it is not their fault, nor is it the fault of humans, it is a matter of nature, the best thing to do is to learn to live with them, and know a little more about their life, places they usually frequent and in some cases stay, so we will inform you according to the experts what you should know if you run into one of them. The director of Civil Protection, Adrian Bobadilla, mentioned that the recent sightings of crocodiles in Los Muertos beach as well as in a canal in the city is normal, since the species moves more naturally during the rainy season because the waterways are active so they can easily move from one estuary to another or to a river, and finally to another area in search of food or are dragged by the current of the rivers that flow into the sea. Crocodiles were among the first settlers of this region.

Let us not forget that this is an endemic species, that is to say, that for years it left the water to establish itself on land and become the king of predators in this area, and especially in Marina Vallarta, since let us remember that this is its habitat, and it is man who has been in charge of cornering them. In the past the Marina was a swampy area as is the crocodile's habitat, and man built on this swamp, so it is completely normal for them to return to this place. However, in response to the fears of a sector of the population that they are dangerous and should not be free, the commander explained that the crocodile does not seek contact with humans, in fact, it naturally moves away, so casual encounters should be avoided. Now, he said, the crocodile moves during the rainy season, it does not live in the sea, in fact it is a fresh water species, so it is more common for it to hide in the undergrowth of a river or in the estuaries where it finds the best living conditions, and he made a call to not promote the negative stigma about the species

Tourists watch baby crocodile