Puerto Vallarta: Leading The Hotel Occupancy Charts

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A Year of Triumph for Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta continues to solidify its position as Mexico's premier tourist hub. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the preliminary comparative results for the years 2021-2023 have been unveiled, showcasing the city's remarkable success.

In 2021, Puerto Vallarta, located in Jalisco, had an average daily availability of 13,141 rooms. This number slightly decreased to 13,102 in 2022, only to rise again to 13,245 in 2023. These figures clearly depict a consistent growth trajectory, a feat largely attributed to well-crafted tourism policies.

Comparing the periods 2021-2022 and 2022-2023, the difference in room availability is a mere 39 rooms and 143 rooms, respectively. This translates to a decrease of -0.30% in the former and an increase of 1.09% in the latter.

Turning to occupied rooms, the statistics reveal that there were 8,556 occupied rooms in 2021, 9,752 in 2022, and 9,041 in 2023. Evidently, this indicates that 2023 is set to conclude with a robust number of occupied rooms, as the year is not yet complete. The disparity between the years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 is 1,196 and 711 rooms, reflecting an impressive 14.0% increase and a -7.3% decrease, respectively. These statistics underscore the substantial success achieved.

Undoubtedly, Puerto Vallarta stands as Mexico's foremost tourist destination, characterized by its unique attributes such as salt-rich land, mesmerizing sunsets, iconic "Tuba" drink, enchanting Malecón (boardwalk), renowned "Arcos" rock formation, open-air forums, circus performances, vibrant festivities, and vibrant art scene. Puerto Vallarta encompasses a wealth of natural beauty in a compact territory, seamlessly integrating jungle, river, mountain, beach, ocean, and urban areas. This harmonious amalgamation is further enhanced by abundant vegetation, diverse fauna, and a community imbued with Mexican joy and humanism.