Fundraiser To Help Save Baby Turtles

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Friday’s night Magic Market and Festival will be hosting a corn hole fundraising game for Campamento Tortuguero Boca De Tomates.

100% of the proceeds from the game will go to the cause, and we encourage any additional donations. Plus you could win a private and personal turtle release experience and be a part of safely releasing baby turtles. 


Campamento Tortuguero is a turtle camp located in Boca de Tomates, a quite popular beach here in Puerto Vallarta. They have a big area fenced in where they keep turtle eggs. It’s fenced so that no dogs, cats, etc can get to the eggs and eat them or disrupt them. But also, when the eggs are about to hatch and/or hatching they put them in 5 gallon buckets, so they can’t get out of the fence and get hurt or lost.




Speaking of that, even something as simple as a 5 gallon bucket can mean life or death for many turtles. Turtle season just started a week or so ago, so there are a lot of turtles, and they need a lot of buckets, but they don’t have them. On their facebook page they’re asking for donations of buckets, so if you have any you can send them a message or bring them to the Magic Market. Even if they are used buckets, such as paint buckets, you can donate them jsut as long as they are cleaned out.


And speaking of donations, for a simple donation of 1,400 pesos, 64 dollars, you can stay for a whole week in their lodge. During the week you will get food, be able to release turtles, see crocodiles, and amazing sunsets. Though you will have to patrol the eggs at night to protect them from being eaten. 




But, if you're not interested in staying a week and instead only going to release turtles for a day, you can either volunteer one of the days published on their Facebook, or you can participate at the charity being held at Magic Market. All you have to do is throw a single bean bag into a hole, for a small fee of 10 pesos. If you win, you get a whole personal turtle-releasing experience! 




So, bring your friends and family and come down to play the corn hole game for baby turtles at Friday night’s Magic Market and Festival. Scheduled entertainment this week includes Mimo Ray, Circo Sem Rumo, and the Gecko Band returns to rock the audience. Also featured this week is the Gardening From Home Experience workshop and Make Your Own Pinata Experience. Make sure to come hungry, as there is a great variety of hot fresh foods, desserts, and drinks. Artists, craftspeople, and chefs come from all over the region bringing you over 120 booths of food, art, clothing, jewelry, crafts, beauty and bath products, and more. Parking and admission are free, and the fun starts at 5:00 and goes to 10:00. Located at Puerto Magico, Puerto Vallarta’s new cruise ship terminal.

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