Holi Beach Certified

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Recognized as a clean space in the region

In an official act in front of the municipal authorities of Puerto Vallarta, the Institutes of Standardization and Certification delivered the document that certifies Holi beach as a clean, sustainable space that offers quality services to its users.

"This is the renewal of this beach's certificate, previously granted. This is an achievement that adds up to the great work carried out by the Environmental Department, a task that involves not only the work of the municipal government, but also includes and invites Vallartenses, businessmen, hoteliers and restaurateurs to participate so that together we can ensure our economy and investments continue to be profitable in this hidden paradise*, said the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta Luis Alberto Michel.

This certificate is granted by the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification, whose director, Viviana Fernandez Camargo, expressed that this is given based on the NMXAA120-SC-F1-2016 standard, and represents a "special recognition of their effort, which gives us the opportunity to communicate and generate a different awareness, to value our coastal spaces".

Clean and sustainable beach destinations guarantee users quality services. It is one more plus for the tourist destination, which also makes it competitive with other tourist destinations in the country.

Certified beaches can offer healthy and safe environments for all living beings, as well as favoring the tourism industry, the conservation of sources of employment and even the prevention of natural disasters.

In the presence of the authorities of the three levels of government, Mayor Michel led the raising of the flag, which shows this space for the period 2013-2023.

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